One of the many challenges a professional photographer may have is finding new clients. You may have a website which is excellent, having a site allows photographers to showcase their work with more information about themselves or their business. Problem with that is if they are not adequately marketing their website which can be technically challenging for many especially those just getting started as a professional is a daunting task. A professional photographer may choose to hire a marketer to assist with the challenge of being found online which can be expensive.

ProFotogs platform does most the work of a marketer, a simple profile creation tool which acts as a digital business card with many more advantages compared to common platforms which many of them perform as a repository of photos.

ProFotogs is designed to be a centralized destination for pro photographers where clients looking for a specialized type of photographer is discovered.

Once signed up, a dynamic, unique profile page is automatically created with built-in SEO, this drastically increases the probability of your profile page being found by search engines such as Google. Within your profile page, clients can book you using an integrated form or go to your website.

ProFotogs allows you to create events or schedule workshops easily from your dashboard, allowing clients to view and sign up for your events/workshops within your profile page. Photographers can share their profile page via email link to anyone. Links can also be copied and pasted on social media for a broader reach.